I specialise in a type of counselling called Psychodynamic Therapy.  Put simply, this means that we think about your current situation/problem/symptom, your past experiences and the counselling relationship to understand more about the root cause of unhappiness or distress.  

We uncover thoughts and feelings that have thus far possibly been hidden to us, offering a new or different perspective.  This insight enables different choices and allows a leaving behind of old pattens and beliefs that are no longer useful to us.

It may be helpful to know that studies show that a 'good fit' between therapist and client has the greatest impact in counselling.  Psychodynamic therapy has this relationship at the heart of the work.

Therapy sessions are usually 50 minutes long, on a regular - usualy weekly - basis.  Meetings are face to face in a quiet and discreet setting.   In excepetional circumstances, therpay may be offered via video call, telephone or email.